So, I bought a CR-10S.  From banggood.   Why, oh why?  Because I have a neighbor who is interested in printing 3D Planes, like those from  He’s not all that interested in 3D printing.

I wanted to see if a CR-10S could print these unique thin wall prints, and print them reasonably well with little hassle by the operator.

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer:  I did not completely realize this was a bowden printer.  The files supplied by 3dLabPrint require some tweaking in retraction. Also, the printer DESPERATELY needs some quieting down.   Just a couple of better fans, and a couple of stepper-motor-dampers do a world of good.  Maybe $20 in parts, maybe less.

With those caveats, it produces medium good to very good prints.

Rap Names Anyone?

I don’t often take the little “Web Quiz” thingies… nonetheless, I recently took a 10 question survey to find my Rap Name.

I am:  Lay-Z

Woo hoo!!  I even like the picture they generated:

The BFD is up and running

No heated bed, yet. Up and running at design dimensions. VERY pleased with the Duet, and the smart effector.

Just about finished with the build. Dog for scale.

Initial print, a calibration object.

In its new home. Does not fit on an Ikea Lack table.


Big Little Short Vid

Big and little brothers printing together.

The first print that was really much bigger than other printers. The stripe is because it ran out of filament with about an hour to go & I switched to another brand. Won’t matter, because it will be painted.

Camera for DuetWifi – BOOCOSA

Short answer: REJECT

I’m trying to find an IP camera that will work well with its output video stream embedded in a DuetWiFi control page. Meaning, the camera has to make its real time video stream available via a URL. It is often impossible to tell, prior to ordering, if a given camera has IP URL based streaming, or not. Therefore, I am ordering several from places they can be easily returned.

When working, it will look like this (with this example being a little fake, it was set to the stream from an octopi equipped printer, just to show how it will look):

This individual post is about the BOOCOSA camera sold through Amazon here (and no doubt many other places). I had high hopes for this camera. Nice physical form, good mounting bracket, pan/tilt, and 5V input.

However, it is a very solid reject, because:

  • All video streams, live or stored (even on its SD) are still dependent on web; no way to operate locally.
  • Requires flash to play video stream.
  • Requires mobile phone app AND mfg’s back end, to configure wifi connection.

Ah, well…

Time to get serious about the BFD

I’ve been accumulating parts for a “Big Fast Delta” (and if you really think the “F” is for “Fast”, I have some land in Florida to sell).  I’ve enough parts in hand that it’s past time to get to all the “little stuff” and get a printer that works.

Here’s the BOM on a Google Sheet.

Comments welcome.

Marlin 1.6.6

Marlin 1.6.6, released in early October 2017, matured Universal Bed Leveling to the point that I HIGHLY recommend converting to this release.  Despite its name, UBL is quite a bit more than just “level”, it is a true mesh that significantly helps Layer 0 quality.

This is especially compelling for Delta/Kossel printers.  It works just fine on Cartesian, and is worth doing there as well.

For Delta/Kossel, combine Universal Bed Leveling (G29) with Auto Calibration (G33) and life gets very good.

For those who have never messed with it, “Auto Calibration”, G33, probes the bed, but it is not leveling… it is figuring your exact rod lengths, errors in tower position, and more.  When it finishes (and is stored to EEPROM), your printer will be much more precise.

An example of how to use both Auto Calibration and Universal Bed Leveling on a specific printer, an Anycubic Kossel Linear (not plus) can be found here.

Building a Delta/Kossel Sizer

I’ve looked at all the Delta / Kossel sizers that are linked from the RepRap Wiki.  There are several good ones to understand Delta / Kossel.

However… none of those seem to account for “real world” construction, such as offsets for a linear slider, or calculate the length of an extrusion to allow for a certain size bed, or similar.

Therefore, I am writing one.  As of this date, it is incomplete.

Check out the progress so far: here.