MultiDWMC Web Interface Version 2.00

Limitations of this release:
ToDo, in very rough order of priority:
  1. Done! Make Status (beyond "Idle") auto-update work.
  2. Partially Done: Make Other Buttons work.
  3. Done! Test serving from duet.
  4. Test displaying on Phone/Tablet, etc.
  5. Temperature is hardcoded to specific heaters. ToDo is bring the correct logic over from DWC so that any configuration (that DWC reports) is reported properly.
  6. Export/Import printer setup (to allow to move to another browser.)
  7. Done! A way to re-order the printer list (clickable headers?)
  8. Done! Maybe: Thicker or more visible lines in the table.
  9. This was built on DWC and has enormous swaths of DWC code in it that are not used. ToDo is "Cleanup. Take unusued code out" before putting on Github
  10. Put on Github, with instructions on how to download from github and upload to one of your Duets.
  11. Improve overall look/feel/style. Input Welcome. Post to the thread linked above.

Release Notes, 2.00:
  1. Repackaged to make building for Duet vs. "any server" easier.
  2. Added sorting of rows. Not entirely happy with how it works internally, may change it.
  3. Added file name and size when printing.
Release Notes, 1.03:
  1. Fixed a bug introduced in 1.02 that sometimes prevented newly added printers from obtaining and displaying the board name. (i.e. the name stayed "TBD" forever.)
Release Notes, 1.02:
  1. Speedup initial connect on page load.
  2. Cleanup wording around IP or HostName in several places
  3. Added "Disconnect and Close" button.
  4. Made individual line "Disconnect" buttons active.
  5. Added completion percentage to status while printing
Release Notes, 1.01:
  1. Allow hostnames (in addition to IP addresses)
  2. Fixed table sometimes not (re-)built properly after add or delete