Some upgrades to the BFD

The BFD (Big Fast Delta) got moved across the room, for reasons unrelated to the printer itself.  On the way, I broke the one diagonal brace it had installed.  It was always planned to have three… but I installed one, started printing things, and never went back.

Many large Deltas have diagonal braces made of aluminum.  I didn’t like the look of that, so I elected to brace with non-stretch fishing line.  There are many choices, I used “Berkely SpiredWire Stealth-Braid” 60 lb test. Primarily because it was on a peg at a local WalMart.

I designed “Winders” to provide even tension.

This seems to work.  Wiggling the frame with no braces results in a lot of movement up top.  Wiggling the frame with the lines installed results in lifting the lower corners.

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