Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus to Duet3D – Part 7: Initial Configuration

I found the Anycubic repository on github, and looked at configuration.h to find a few starting values for the configuration.  I put these values, and a bunch of “reasonable guesses” into the RepRap Firmware online configuration tool, and downloaded this zip file

Since I did all that, you don’t have to…  the above is so that you know how it happened if you ever want to re-do an initial configuration for a slightly different printer.  Instead, just download the zip file (last link above).

You can look inside it if you wish… but the real goal is to upload it to the Duet board.

In the “Getting Connected” guide in the prior step, you learned how to open the “Duet Web Control” (DWC) to your printer.  Open that now.

Navigate to SETTINGS, the GENERAL tab, and click the a large blue button “Upload File(s)”.   Upload the entire zip file.  (Do not unzip it).

The Duet will offer to reboot.  Click OK.


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  1. Hello all!

    I have an Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus, and I want to use the latest DUET firmware.
    Do you have the settings for the latest firmware?
    I am asking this because I am getting the tool is n/a and the bed is showing -273.1 C .

    Also, when homing, I am getting the following:
    Warning: Obsolete use of S parameter on G1 command. Use H parameter instead.

    Thank you!

    1. Meaning the 3.x firmware? I don’t have a setup specifically for the AKL+. V3 is VERY different from V2 and requires substantial change to config.g. You can read the guides on the Duet site, or you can run 2.0.5 (the latest V2 release) and use the files that are in the posts here.

  2. Can I suggest a part 8?

    First steps with Delta config, etc in the web interface, and updating the hostname.local, etc. Also things like M83 enabling relative extrusion (and how to do it in slicers) and decent start and end gcodes?

    They’re things Ive encountered after following your excellent guides for installing the physical hardware of the Duet yesterday (all up and running perfectly, thanks so much).
    But I only stumbled across the M83 thing after seeing the filament was ejecting after every print… Wouldn’t have known otherwise, or have automatically thought to switch my Cura profile from Marlin to RepRap flavour gcode.

  3. If you have the stock Z-Probe, you need to change it height in G31 to 16.18.

    G31 P1000 X0 Y0 Z16.18 ; Set Z probe trigger value, offset and trigger height

    Thank You for wonderful articles!

    1. I’ve switched over to a Smart Effector, so I have an offset of -0.1. With the smart effector, I can run a basic calibration as part of the “start script” g-code in the slicer.

    2. Thanks for this, I ended up crashing into the bed at first (own fault). My results from tuning the Z offset was very close to yours, 16.16mm.

  4. You might find this interesting


    I have an Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus myself and set it up with a duet board.
    Before switching to a duet board I also threw in a couple of merge requests to the Marlin repo to try and get board support / example configs in for the printer
    I spent a long while comparing the default marlin sources against the one modified by Anycubic so I think I’ve got in everything needed for the duet board setup above, for autoleveling etc.

    1. Yeah, I managed at one point to get a config.h and config_adv.h that would allow Marlin to run on “main release” code instead of Anycubic’s branch.

      Nifty that you submitted pulls for the Anycubic to “just be in there”. Did they ever accept it?

  5. Sorry for the Delay, there were some failed notifications from the blog.

    I can be reached via Danal (dot) Estes (at) gmail (dot) com.

  6. This is awesome, I’ve gotten another x brand mini kossel and I’m tired of the crappy firmware that came with it. So Ive taken the plunge into the Duet Wifi board, and auto leveling effector board. So I have a few more questions. Any chance I can email you??? thanks for the sweet site. Bill in colorado

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