Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus to Duet3D – Part 1

There have been a lot of posts on the Duet3D forums about converting “Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus” printers by installing a Duet controller.  The price of an AKL+, shipped, falling near $200 US probably has a lot to do with this.

I have an AKL not Plus, and it has been an excellent little printer.  I also happen to have a Duet WiFi available at the moment. Therefore, I decided to get an AKL+, and convert it to Duet control.

Step 1 of that conversion: Be sure it works stock out of the box.  Ordered on June 24 2018 via the Anycubic store on AliExpress, delivered on Jun 28th.  $221, shipped.  Four days to Texas.  Not bad!

The degree of pre-assembly has gone WAY up since I bought my non-plus in Sept of 2017.

Open box and find everything nicely packaged.  Even a full Kilo of Filament under the cables.

Main board is installed, heater is on alu plate, horizontal extrusions are assembled into corners forming triangles, motors and idler pulleys are installed, effector is completely assembled with hot end installed and wired, diagonal arms are installed to effector and carriages, and more.

This will be a snap to assemble.  Hardly need the manual… but I’ll check it carefully to see if there are any “gotchas” for beginners.

And… hardware is now packaged in separate bags by step.  Very nice.


Also, the linear slides “feel” nicer than the ones on my prior Anycubic Kossel.   Maybe luck of the draw; maybe an improved part.


Click here for Part 2

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