Camera for DuetWifi – BOOCOSA

Short answer: REJECT

I’m trying to find an IP camera that will work well with its output video stream embedded in a DuetWiFi control page. Meaning, the camera has to make its real time video stream available via a URL. It is often impossible to tell, prior to ordering, if a given camera has IP URL based streaming, or not. Therefore, I am ordering several from places they can be easily returned.

When working, it will look like this (with this example being a little fake, it was set to the stream from an octopi equipped printer, just to show how it will look):

This individual post is about the BOOCOSA camera sold through Amazon here (and no doubt many other places). I had high hopes for this camera. Nice physical form, good mounting bracket, pan/tilt, and 5V input.

However, it is a very solid reject, because:

  • All video streams, live or stored (even on its SD) are still dependent on web; no way to operate locally.
  • Requires flash to play video stream.
  • Requires mobile phone app AND mfg’s back end, to configure wifi connection.

Ah, well…

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