Building a Delta/Kossel Sizer

I’ve looked at all the Delta / Kossel sizers that are linked from the RepRap Wiki.  There are several good ones to understand Delta / Kossel.

However… none of those seem to account for “real world” construction, such as offsets for a linear slider, or calculate the length of an extrusion to allow for a certain size bed, or similar.

Therefore, I am writing one.  As of this date, it is incomplete.

Check out the progress so far: here.

4 Replies to “Building a Delta/Kossel Sizer”

    1. I believe the “DELTA_PRINTABLE_RADIUS” output shown on the right is what you want. If you are after something different, let me know.

    1. I will consider it.

      Meanwhile, two things to see if they help:

      1) After you’ve clicked with the mouse, arrow keys will move the sliders by one.

      2) Generate a URL, and change the nubmbers there. You can also bookmark these.

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